Orange Jordan signed a cooperation agreement with the Ministry of Youth for youth centers in the kingdom.

The agreement was signed by Minister of Youth, Mohammad Al Nabulsi, and CEO of Orange Jordan, Thierry Marigny, the signing was attended by Secretary General of the Ministry of Youth Hussein Jbour and Orange Jordan Deputy Chief Executive Officer/Chief Financial and Strategy Officer, Raslan Deiranieh.

Under the agreement, Orange Jordan will digitalize and rehabilitate the digital training halls in three youth centers located in different governorates, as part of the “Innovate Jordan” program funded by the European Union, to increase the number of beneficiaries and provide young Jordanians with opportunities to utilize the latest technological innovations necessary to their integration into a professional working environment.

The centers offer training programs on various technological and life skills, including data, computers and managing events and conferences.

The new centers are an extension to the partnership between Orange Jordan and the Ministry of Youth, as the current centers in Ajloun, Balqa, and Aqaba succeeded in providing Jordanian youth with the required digital, soft, and entrepreneurial skills to increase their employability chances, and allow them to establish their own businesses.

Commenting on the agreement, Nabulsi said: “Through our partnership with Orange, we seek to integrate digital technologies into the ministry’s programs to provide the young joiners of the digital centers with a set of specialized training on such technologies”.

Nabulsi stressed the importance of ensuring that training program outputs can be implemented in real life, by preparing young males and females to enter the local and global labor market with all the necessary practical and life skills.

CEO of Orange Jordan, Thierry Marigny, expressed pride in the partnership of Orange Jordan and the Ministry of Youth to enable Jordanian youth and enhance their digital skills, especially through the digital centers located across the kingdom, in line with the company’s role as a responsible digital leader and the kingdom’s digital partner.

Marigny said that Orange Jordan seeks to encourage youth to play an integral role and develop their skills in line with new international trends and the labor market, which is essential to the national economy and local communities as part of the company’s corporate social responsibility and its strong belief in the role of youth.