Under the leadership of Chairman Dr. Mohammed Hussein Halboob, the National Bank of Yemen marked a significant milestone in compliance with the implementation of the Risk-Based Approach (RBA) solution. The ceremony, attended by key figures such as Dr. Ahmed Omer bin Sankr, General Manager of NBY, and Dr. Muhammad Omar Banaja, Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Yemen, along with Dr. Saleh Al-Jariri, General Manager of the Oil Company in Aden, the Industry and Trade Office General Manager Wassim Al-Omari, and Planning and International Cooperation Office Manager Intisar Murshid, was a historic day for the bank.

During the event, Dr. Ahmed Omar bin Sankr emphasized the importance of the achievement represented by the RBA solution launch, adding to the bank’s impressive track record under Dr. Halboob’s leadership. He expressed gratitude to Pio-Tech for their collaboration and training of the bank’s staff on the new system.

The National Bank of Yemen, with a history spanning over 55 years, connects its modernization systems to the Central Bank of Yemen, ensuring alignment with regulations and procedures. The compliance officer, Faisal Mohsen Al-Soudi, highlighted the bank’s commitment to combating money laundering and terrorist financing by implementing systems like RBA and AML.

Fahd Al-Subaihi, Executive Director of the National Committee, commended the bank’s efforts in launching the Risk-Based Approach (RBA) solution, extending congratulations to the leadership, management, and employees of the National Bank of Yemen.

The ceremony was attended by various notable figures, including Mohsen Al-Shabhi, Deputy Director General of Banking Departments, Legal Advisor Arwa Saif, Director of the Office of the Chairman of the Board of Directors Muwafaq Hashem bin Hashem, Head of the Compliance Audit Unit Moaz Al-Kaaki, Public Relations Officer in the Office of the Chairman of the Board of Directors, department heads, specialists, employees of the National Bank of Yemen, and others. The ceremony showcased the National Bank’s dedication to staying at the forefront of modern banking practices and ensuring the protection of its customers from financial crimes.