’NeoGenesis and using HPE-Aruba latest technology has implemented SD-Branch architecture that optimizes IT operations and enhances experiences for customers and employees at Cairo Amman Bank


Deliver consistent and secure, high-performance and uninterrupted connectivity across 91 branches with 190 ATMs. It upgraded from a 1.5 to 20 Mbps lease line to replace one of two MPLS links and adopted a centralized cloud-based platform to manage all

branches, giving CAB unified control of its WAN, LAN, and WLAN. CAB can also manage

and monitor VPN and Firewall connectivity for each branch from a single pane of glass.


  • Significantly enhance the bank’s transaction speeds
  • Notably, increase the number of served customers
  • Simplified power & connectivity for CCTV cameras
  • Enable the use of new IP-Telephony service
  • Turn daily branch employee complaints into proud satisfaction reports

Optimize IT operations, security, performance management, and deployment


Aruba 7210 Headend Gateways (main & backup DC); Aruba 7010 Branch Gateways; VPN Concentrator (VPNC); Aruba 2930F Edge Switches; Aruba Central;

ClearPass Policy Manager



  • Centralises IT and branch operations
  • Simplifies roll-outs, troubleshooting, and reporting
  • Stabilizes Citrix environment in the branches
  • Speeds up maximum banking transaction times from 20 seconds to three
  • Reduces MPLS contracts and costs by 50%
  • Orchestrates management of VPN and Firewall instances from one place, reducing administration, troubleshooting, and notifications