Representatives from Nuqul Group and Vardot Enterprise Web Solutions have signed an agreement to build the group’s digital experience.

To reinforce its reputation as one of the most innovative conglomerates in the region and the world, Nuqul Group intends to build numerous digital experiences for the various properties under the holding management – creating in the process an interconnected ecosystem of cutting-edge digital experiences that represent Nuqul Group’s vision and values.

“Global enterprises typically have complex technical requirements to ensure that their strategic digital objectives are reached. Drupal has yet again proven to be the ideal technology, and Vardot is looking forward to creating a successful digital experience and story with Nuqul Group.” – Mohammed Razem, CEO of Vardot

Keeping in mind the constant need to evolve and personalize their digital presence, Nuqul Group required superior expertise and technology that is constantly supported and flexible enough to enable seamless upgrades and customization.

Nuqul Group’s key digital requirements prioritized having an engaging user experience with an optimized user journey, and a user-friendly multilingual CMS backend for their non-technical team. In addition to enterprise-grade security, superior content publishing workflows, the ability to build multiple websites managed centrally by one CMS that is supported with automated upgrades 24/7.

As such, Nuqul Group opted for Varbase – an open-source Drupal CMS that aligned with their immediate and long-term IT requirements and digital transformation objectives.

Vardot and Nuqul Group partnered up to deliver the design, development, and support of the group’s websites and digital experiences in phases. Progress on designing the User Experience (UX) of the new Nuqul Group website is already underway with development to be completed in Q4 2020.

“This is the beginning of an exciting journey with Vardot. In this increasingly digital world, we are committed to reflecting the Nuqul Group brand and values in the best way possible.” – Elia G. Nuqul, Owner and Executive at Nuqul Group.