OPTIMIZA delivers “Mizan3” Court and Case Management system for the Jordanian Ministry of Justice in collaboration with the USAID under the “Rule of Law” program. “Mizan 3focuses on the digitizing and automating of new systems, such as the Ministry’s financial and accounting processes for issuing receipts and refunds, as well as automating deposits and delineating transactions. The objective of the project aims to increase and accelerate transactions’ efficiency and reduce errors, respond to the growing needs of the judiciary and courts, as well as facilitate courts’ work and financial procedures for receiving and paying dues through e-payments.


“Mizan 3” contains a special system that tackles business intelligence reporting, achievement measurement data, defining problematic issues the judiciary face in any court of law, supporting and empowering decision makers as they endeavor to take necessary steps to improve performance and institutional development based on real-time data and statistical models. “Mizan 3” builds on the first two phases “Mizan 1 & 2” making the system pivotal in the courts’ procedures and operations. Furthermore, the enhanced system enables the courts to speed up services instead of lawyers or visitors waiting in the court corridors while searching manually for necessary information.


Hailing the level of cooperation and support between the Ministry of Justice and OPTIMIZA, Mrs. Fatinah Abwini, Director of the IT Directorate in the Ministry said “we enjoy a special relationship with the OPTIMIZA team, who demonstrate the highest possible effectiveness in applying best-in-class technologies. We appreciate the efforts rendered by the Company to provide an optimal financial system that ensures the efficiency, accuracy and transparency of all the courts’ financial transactions.”

On behalf of OPTIMIZA, Mr. Omar Nofal was gratified at the level of project team’s confidence in the Company’s work. “We are proud to register the level of trust and confidence of the project executors, and the achievements that we both witnessed on the ground after Mizan’s implementation. We look forward to future projects that will bring us together once again, aiming to advance the judiciary work in Jordan together,” he said.