Under the patronage of HRH Princess Sumaya bint El Hassan, President of the Royal Scientific Society (RSS) and Chairman of the Board of Trustees at Princess Sumaya University for Technology (PSUT), Orange Jordan held a press conference to announce that the Orange Data Center has received the TIer III Constructed Facility Certificate from the American Uptime Institute, specialized in studying and evaluating global data centers, after the center has passed the requirements for this certificate to become the first data center in the Kingdom to obtain this certificate. H.E., Marwan Juma, Vice Chairman of PSUT’s Board of Trustees attended on behalf of HRH Princess Sumaya bint El Hassan.


During the press conference held at the center in the attendance of CEO of Orange Jordan, Mr. Thierry Marigny, Chief Enterprise Officer, Mr. Sami Smeirat, Chief Wholesale Officer and Chief Information Technology and Networks Officer, Mr. Waleed Al Doulat, Data Center Manager and Tier III Project Manager, Bahjat Al-Adwan and Eng. Mustapha Louni, Managing Director – Middle East, Africa & Greater India at Uptime Institute, Marigny said that: “Orange Jordan is the first company at a national level that obtains this certificate, which is given according to the international standards and specifications that must be held by information centers on an international level, affirming that the company is interested in serving all people benefiting from its services, whether on a business level or individually, pointing out to company keenness in offering all services that meet the expectations of the business sector and companies. For this reason, the company established this center six years ago, which is considered to be a realistic example of the digital development witnessed in the Kingdom.

Marigny also pointed out that the Orange Data Center, and since its inception, has been providing services similar to those offered at “Hashim Station”, and that the center is considered a support for the Orange network in the Hashim Station Data Center to maintain the continuity of data flow efficiently and without interruption through high-speed internet.

He added that the company has made significant investments to strengthen its infrastructure to stay up-to-date with the digital development in the world and achieve the desired prosperity in the business of its customers, as a proof of its outstanding expertise in data collection, transmission, archiving, processing, analysis, sharing and maintaining its security. From another side, the company has been an active contributor to the consolidation of the telecommunications infrastructure which has become possible for all other sectors with no exception.

Eng. Smeirat talked about the importance of the center, saying that: “This center that we established in 2013 as a second data center to meet the needs of our business customers in the Kingdom, and place the latest technologies and innovations in their hands by providing a suitable environment for hosting web sites or big software that requires a 24-hour online presence without interruption or being affected by surrounding conditions. The first Orange Data Center was established 20 years ago to serve customers and that the company always seeks to adopt digital technology and offer integrated and the most advanced services to its businesses customers in the Kingdom. This will benefit many companies and institutions in various sectors, including; financial, healthcare, media, e-commerce, education and government”.

Eng. Doulat, said that: “Receiving the Tier III Certification affirms that the company has achieved the highest standards and follows the best engineering specifications, which meet the requirements specified on a global level, pointing out that the center has previously obtained a number of prizes, including; the coveted Panduit Certificate, specialized in building data centers worldwide in 2017 and ISO: 14644-Class 8 certification for private data centers free of internal environmental pollution, and ranked first in the Middle East and Africa.

From his side, Eng. Al-Adwan showcased the practical procedures on which the certificate is granted on, where he said: “It includes live demonstrations of the system under realistic conditions, and validation of performance, according to the data center objective for this certificate. This certificate also depends on reviewing several electrical, mechanical and facility standards, as defined in Tier Design Standard and Topology, a globally recognized standard for data center reliability and effectiveness”.

He also pointed out that Orange Data Center offers a variety of outstanding services, most notably its generators and air conditioners with large capacities and capabilities, capable of providing the required electrical loads for servicing the servers, applications and network of devices, in case of conducting operations maintenance or switching power devices and utilities without the need to stop the service permanently. In addition it containss electrical paths to connect the alternative network with the same capacity, capability and efficiency.