The importance of Orange Jordan’s CSR programs lies in their sustainable nature and long-term impact which could be seen in the objectives the company strives to materialize and its continuous communication with the participants. Aligning with this, Orange Jordan offered sponsorship to the first edition of Jusoor Labs conference which has been recently held targeting schools, teachers, and e-learning partners.

While Jusoor Labs is one of the startup companies participating in the 10th season of the BIG by Orange program, it aims to provide interactive bilingual educational content for school students regardless of age, based on scientific experiments, through virtual laboratories with the sole purpose of providing children with an experience that simulates the one in traditional laboratories to boost their skills through discovery-based learning.

The first edition of Jusoor Labs conference aimed to extend gratitude to the schools that benefit from the company’s services to complement the traditional educational experience provided to students. Jusoor Labs announced in the conference as well about the launch of their new mobile application.

Commenting on this step that falls deeply within Orange Jordan’s sustainable CSR vision, the company emphasized that maintaining contact with its startups throughout their digital journey is key to ensure more effective outcomes on the community and national levels.

The company further elaborated that the entrepreneurs’ prominent achievements and milestones indicate that Orange Jordan’s programs are on the right track. Such collaborations offer an example to follow to young men and women which leads to better communities in every sense.

On the sidelines of the conference, the Co-founder of Jusoor Labs, Tawfiq Al-Qaffaf, seized the opportunity to express his sincere gratitude to Orange Jordan for the continuous and nonstop support enabling entrepreneurs to stay closer to the needs of their communities, and maintain solid relationships with their partners and end consumers alike converting their innovative ideas into an integral part of the community’s growth and development process.

Al Qaffaf also declared that the 1st edition of Jusoor Labs is a mere example of taking businesses to new heights especially with the launch of the new mobile application, in addition to transform the insights of partners and school representatives participating in the conference into tangible steps and action plans to enhance the discovery-based educational experience.

It is worth mentioning that Jusoor Labs provides its services to about 30,000 users and more than 30 private schools through 200 laboratories and three-dimensional content for scientific experiments that align with any science curriculum in the Arab countries and is available in both Arabic and English languages in schools. The virtual labs are available to all female and male students in addition to people with disabilities, and the company will launch AI Speech Recognition and the Teacher Audio Explanation in Arabic soon.

The company won second place in the Orange Social Venture Prize (OSVP), and through the BIG by Orange program it had the opportunity to participate in the VivaTech conference in France, being the world’s rendezvous for startups and leaders to celebrate innovation.

Jusoor Labs aims to boost its market value to €100 million, while its current market value is worth €5 million, double users to amount to 10 million over the next five years, collaborate with 15,000 educational institutions, increase the number of laboratories to 500 and expand its geographical presence in 10 countries in the MENA region.

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