As part of its network enhancement in different governorates across the Kingdom, Orange Jordan’s CEO Jérôme Hénique announced the company’s rollout of the advanced 4G+ service in different areas in the south governorates, and the launch of the revamped Home Broadband offers. The announcement was made during a press conference held in Aqaba, in the presence of Chief ITN & Wholesale Officer Waleed Al Doulat and Chief Consumer Sales Officer Samer Al-Haj, along with a number of executives from Orange Jordan, and media representatives.

During the press conference Hénique stated that the rollout of the advanced 4G+ for mobile service and the launch of the revamped broadband offers came this year as part of Orange Jordan’s overall network plan enhancement in different cities and governorates across the Kingdom. This step stems from the company’s continuous efforts to remain the provider of the strongest internet for mobile and home, which will result in the best customer experience, through providing high-quality telecommunication and internet services, while stressing the company’s determination to make tangible digital progress in all regions of the Kingdom.

Hénique added: “Since the launch of our five-year corporate strategy “Essentials 2020” in 2015, we at Orange Jordan have made substantial investments that will reach up to JD 300 million by the year 2020, as we remain committed to the development of the ICT sector, and to the increase of internet penetration across the Kingdom. For the past few years, we have been concentrating on the development of New Generation Networks (NGNs), including, Fiber-To-The Home (FTTH), Fiber-To-The-Business (FTTB), as well as extending the coverage of 4G and 4G+ (LTE advanced Pro) networks to all areas in the Kingdom. More than JD 100 million were allocated to acquiring new frequencies from the TRC, upgrading the existing network, installing new towers across different governorates, and to the rollout of the latest version of the fourth generation network (4G+) for mobile service, hence providing customers with faster and better connectivity with the highest quality at affordable prices.


Chief ITN & Wholesale Officer at Orange Jordan, Waleed Al Doulat, offered more details about the network enhancement achievements, saying that company has recently added 44 new mobile towers in the southern governorates, with 14 sites in Aqaba, 9 sites in Ma’an, 10 sites in Tafileh, 11 sites in Karak, and more sites are still under construction.


Al Doulat also said that a new 2.6GHz frequency has been added to increase the capacity on the existing 4G network to accommodate the increasing traffic at 31 sites, including 9 sites in Aqaba, 10 sites in Ma’an, 6 sites in Tafileh and 6 sites in Karak. He also highlighted the 55% increase in speed for fixed broadband network that was achieved since the installation of 21 new ADSL sites in the southern governorates to improve the ADSL network. He explained that a new 4 areas are being covered now with fiber (FTTB) service to provide the latest technologies and internet service for the business segment

Chief Consumer Sales Officer Samer Al-Haj presented all the special offers and packages designed to complement the network enhancement, including Orange 7 and above, as well as the “Humat Al Watan” golden line, offering subscribers 500 minutes to call all networks and an extra 5 GB of internet for free. He also highlighted the recent launch of the new Yo platform targeting the youth with the best offers that respond to their needs, where “Jama3ty” lines are offered up to 80% discounts on the first month subscription with a new SIM card. This offer is available now  in Alhusein bin Talal University in Ma’an.

Al-Haj said: “We have also revamped our existing Home Broadband offers by adding new devices that offer high speeds, such as the ADSL internet offer; which includes the new “Orange Home Box” offering high-internet speed reaching up to 24 Mbps with unlimited downloads, starting from only JD 10 per month, the 4G IEW offer with “Orange Flybox” which also offers very high-internet speed and download capacities for the entire family, and is easy to install, from JD 13 per month.


Orange Jordan currently covers 92% of the Kingdom’s areas with 4G/LTE and has deployed 6,000 kilometers of FTTB cable, and is currently in the process of installing more than 700 kilometers of additional fiber cable.