The Royal Court Chief, His Excellency Yousef Hassan Al Issawi and in the attendance of the Minister of Youth and Culture Dr. Muhammad Abu Romman, patronized the ceremony that was held to announce the digital centers initiative, launched by the Ministry of Youth in partnership with Orange Jordan. Al Issawi inaugurated Young Arda Women Center in Al-Balqa’a governorate, which took place at the same time as the inauguration of two new digital centers in the areas of Kufranja and Aqaba.

These centers are located in the northern, central and southern regions and were created within the framework of the agreement that was signed between the Ministry of Youth and the company. Orange Jordan rehabilitated the Youth Digital Centers in Ajloun and Aqaba, in addition to Young Arda Women Centers in Al-Balqa’a governorate, which was created under a Royal Decree in 2008, with the aim of serving young women living in that area, while meeting their ambitions, and enhancing their role in serving the local community.

Orange Jordan has provided these centers with state-of-the-art digital equipment and internet services, as well as training of the trainers who are responsible for providing young people with a set of new skills on key topics that include; communication and digital skills, team building, leadership, and entrepreneurship, in order to provide young participants at these centers with integrated services, which will reflect positively on their local communities.

CEO of Orange Jordan, Thierry Marigny, said that these three new centers have joined the others, which were launched across governorates in the Kingdom, under the umbrella of the Orange Digital Centers, reaching 13 centers. He also stressed the company’s role in preparing young people for a better future, in a step that aims to bridge the digital divide across the Kingdom, in order to help community members become active and productive through providing them with knowledge tools and developing their skills in order to enable them to deal with the continuous development in the IT sector and harness them to develop ideas and projects that serve their local environment.

Marigny said that the Orange Digital Centers are a successful model that was implemented by the company, and comes as an addition to its various achievements in supporting this important community segment, which is considered as a cornerstone in the digital economy. It also reflects the role of Orange Jordan as a digital partner for many initiatives, considering that it is the strongest internet provider in the Kingdom.

Marigny affirmed the importance of the partnership with the Ministry of Youth, and said that it was the helping element that gives support to the youth centers across different areas of the Kingdom, where the company gives great attention to the youth, through providing them with support in their communities.

He added that the renovated centers are considered part of the other initiatives launched by the company, becoming a main pillar in the digital transformation process of the Kingdom, and an active contributor in enabling the youth to benefit from technology so that they can use it for developing their local communities, pointing out that the company works continuously to support such centers with all that is necessary for their success.

Orange Jordan aims through its partnerships with various national companies to provide the best technological tools that meet the citizen’s expectations in all areas, in addition to the most modern educational tools based on digital learning methods, in order to contribute to bridging the digital divide in the Jordanian society.