Members of the Ministry of Health’s personnel attended the event. On the sidelines of the session, they toured the Innovation Hub which serves as a destination for state-of-the-art technologies for youth and entrepreneurs. It is located in the Orange Digital Village and is part of the “Innovation Space” project that Orange Jordan implemented in partnership with the European Union.

The experts who participated in the session underscored the advancements that were witnessed in Jordan’s healthcare sector in recent years, and attributed to the adoption of cutting-edge technological trends, especially after the announcement of the Ministry of Health’s strategy for the years 2023-2025 that revolves around the digitization of healthcare services.

The session was interactive, as the participants engaged in a discussion with the audience regarding the role of creativity and innovation in enhancing the user experience and improving healthcare services in unprecedented ways.

This session aligns with Orange Jordan’s dedication to promoting a culture of creativity and innovation as the essential foundations for materializing digital transformation across various sectors, with a primary focus on healthcare, due to its vital role in our daily lives.

It is worth mentioning that the World Day for Creativity and Innovation is aimed at raising awareness about the role of innovation in achieving sustainable development and leading to better communities.