Orange Jordan has recently received the “Top Employer Award” for 2018 in the Kingdom for the third consecutive year from the global Top Employer Institute. Orange Jordan was selected from among many reputable companies and institutions noting that the Top Employer Institute is one of  best accredited institutes in the world specializing in recognizing excellence of employers in regard to creating a positive work environment. According to Orange Jordan, the certificate reflects company’s efforts to implement the best Human Resource practices and policies including talent management, leadership, training and development, and other career related and strategic initiatives that contribute to improving the internal work environment.Moreover, Orange Jordan has recently received the European International Standard for Gender Equality (GEEIS) for the first time, achieving an exceptional grade; three out of four until 2020, in this important international standard. This certificate reflects company’s commitment to applying the principle of gender equality in regard to payment scale, professional diversity and access to managerial positions.

Orange Jordan always strives to provide the best for its employees, focusing on improving its workforce and enhancing its role as a company that strives to  be a digital model that cares about people, not only focusing on customers and members of the community, but also on employees whom the company always seeks to enrich their experience, which reflects positively on the customer, falling in line with the company’s five year corporate strategy “Essentials 2020”.