Orange Jordan Deputy CEO/CFO Raslan Deiranieh  announced that Orange Jordan has recently sponsored the “Digital Content Pioneers” inivitative, which was launched by the Information and Communications Technology Association (int@j) under the patronage of Her Royal Highness Princess Sumaya bint Al Hassan, and in partnership with the Ministry of Eduction and the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology. The initiative was hosted at the Business Innovation Growth (BIG) platform, with the presence and participation of the Minister of Information and Communication Technology, and the Minister of Public Sector Development, H.E. Mrs. Majd Shweikeh and the Minister of Education H.E. Dr. Omar Al Razzaz.

Deranieh said: “Sponsoring the ‘Digital Content Pioneers’ initiative, which aims to motivate students to stay up-to-date with the rapid developments in the Telecommunication and Information Technology field and express their talents in producing Arabic technical content on digital econcomy, came in line with Orange Jordan’s CSR plan, which is inspired by Orange Jordan’s five-year corporate strategy “Essentials 2020”. Deranieh further explained that Orange Jordan particularly focuses on supporting the education sector, and is always keen on having an active role in building a new generation capable of keeping abreast of developments in the ICT sector, and also adequately qualified to maintain Jordan’s position in the production of Arabic content.”

Deranieh added that Jordan has had a long experience in digital content production and in e-commerce, and since Orange Jordan is the provider of the strongest internet services in the Kingdom, it will always remain committed to supporting the driving forces of digital content production and e-commerce.

The “Digital Content Pioneers” initiative which was launched by “int@j” aims to improve the status of the Arabic content in the digital economy sector, by developing the abilities of public school students in 10th and 11th grades across the kingdom, to help raise a generation that is capable of producing  Arabic Digital content, that both  meets their ambitions and serves the transition into the digital economy and its concepts, all while and improving the Arabic content on the internet, considering that there are almost 400 million Arabic-language speakers, since it is the fifth most spoken language in the world, to stay in line with the information revolution taking place around the world.

The initiative will be manifested through a competition which will start next month, and it will consist of three phases, by the end of which the top three students across Kingdom will be honored as the initiative’s top performers.