Orange Jordan announced its support for a training program for youth in Al al-Bayt University as part of Haqiq Initiative, one of the Crown Prince Foundation (CPF) initiatives, which lasted for three days, where a number of workshops and field visits took place.

CEO of Orange Jordan Thierry Marigny said: “The partnership with Crown Prince Foundation is of utmost importance to us,” adding that this training is a major stepping stone to a long-term strategic partnership with the foundation, the thing which falls in line with the company’s vision and objectives, which focuses on supporting and developing the skills of Jordanian youth in the majority of governorates.

Marigny affirmed Orange Jordan’s commitment to continuing being a main supporter and sponsor of the activities that aim to enhance the communication among the youth in different regions, adding that this new training program clearly translates the company’s vision within this framework.

This training is part of Haqiq’s expansion program, which will be implemented by the Crown Prince Foundation in several universities in the coming period and will contribute to increasing the interaction and communication between young people and their local environments throughout Jordan. The initiative seeks to build young local leaders and promote the values of caring citizenship, as well as enhancing their role in local development through volunteering and community service, the thing which will help the youth in making a substantial difference in their skills and capabilities, in a way that would open a door for them and their communities to a better future.

From her side, Dr. Tamam Mango, CEO at Crown Prince Foundation said that this partnership is a living model for joint work between development institutions and private sector institutions. It is expected that the coming period will witness the strengthening of many partnerships in a way that will enhance the work of the foundation.

Mango added: “The idea of expanding Haqiq came to include university students, and falls in line with the foundation’s commitment to reach the largest number of young people from different governorates and age groups, ensuring equal chances of opportunities for development and skill advancement in their positions at work, in addition to offering them opportunities to enhance their leadership skills, which will enable them to support and play a role in serving their communities.

The signing of this agreement comes as part of Orange Jordan’s interest in strengthening the links between the youth and local communities, as well as keeping students aware of everything that is essential to them, the thing which falls  in line with its corporate social responsibility plan that stems from the company’s five-year corporate strategy “Essentials 2020”.