Estarta would like to highlight that Pink October is a significant occasion for everyone, not just women. To shine some light on this subject, Estarta organized an educational awareness event on Tuesday, October 31st.

JBCP at Estarta

As it were, the session was highly informative, and it was a very beneficial and helpful way to observe this month. Information on health is priceless, which goes without saying. Early checkups, as well as regular, yearly checkups, are so important for women to get, which was underscored in this seminar. Lastly, we thank JBCP for their efforts in shining the spotlight on women’s health. We also thank everyone who was in attendance.

Estartans Help Make a Difference

Alongside hosting such sessions on a regular basis, Estarta deeply cares about promoting well-being and wellness. That is why we take this month seriously. As it were, we gave our employees the chance to donate and buy pink ribbons. We also shared many health tips for women all month long on our social platforms. We hope that we can always make a difference.