On Tuesday, March 29, the second WEPs Network Meeting of 2023 was held at Estarta. This session was used by Estarta to demonstrate its dedication to advancing mental and physical well-being, as well as its commitment to pushing youth skill enhancement, training, and development.

Representatives from Estarta spoke at the event about their initiatives to foster a progressive and beneficial workplace environment for all staff members, irrespective of their gender. Among what was touched upon, it was highlighted that Estarta prioritizes the training and development of its employees. To assist staff members in gaining new abilities and information to further their professions, it has provided many resources, such as the training academy and the Tafila Skill Center. These initiatives help build a skilled and well-rounded workforce on top of enabling individual employees to excel.

It was also underscored that Estarta is conscious of the importance of its workers’ overall well-being. Because of this, the company makes great efforts to implement a number of activities that support both physical and emotional wellness.

Ultimately, Estarta is an organization that genuinely cares about its workers and their welfare. Hence, the session emphasized the practices and policies that support Estartans as a whole.