Continuing in its role of cultivating the phenomenon of entrepreneurship, Startappz is launching an emerging venture lab that offers local and regional startups the tools needed to bring their Ideas to life. Startlabz has announced that it will be holding its first ever Angel Investor event on the 19th of September, 2020. This event will be supported by Intaj and the Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship. The Innovative Startups and SME fund also expressed their interest to support future events as it falls under its mandate to help entrepreneurs at this very early stage in find proper support and funding in the ecosystem.

“Their ministry is keen to help startups get seed and pre-seed investments as this shall help them grow their business and contribute to the economy and create more jobs” H.E. Eng. Mothanna Gharaibeh highlighted. “Angels don’t only provide cash but go beyond that to offer expertise, networking opportunities and access to new markets” He added.

Five ambitious entrepreneurs from across the region will be virtually pitching their unique ideas to a number of angel investors who are eager to nurture the next big tech idea and help mold it into a successful business.

The selected candidates underwent a rigorous selection process based on a meticulously drafted qualification point-system that was set by the StartLabz investment committee. The pitches all include promising ideas that were initiated by well trained, up-and-coming entrepreneurs, who are looking to offer equity in exchange for cash investments to help develop their ideas. The range for the investment being sought is between $5,000 to $100,000.

During the event, the startups will each have a ten minute window to pitch their ideas, followed by another ten minute Q&A session. If any of the startups catch the interest of an investor, Startappz will facilitate the next steps that will bring the investor and the selected startup together.

“We are very excited to be facilitating this relationship between entrepreneurs and angel investors who are looking for new market ideas, and know the importance that these investments play in developing ideas into world-class products and services,” commented Mohamad Khawaja CEO of  Startappz. “This event is directed towards investors from Jordan and abroad who may have never explored the opportunity of investing in early-stage startups. Such relatively small investments by angels may give the Arab and Jordanian diaspora the chance to grow their capital and work closely with budding entrepreneurs to increase their chances to succeed and grow their businesses.”

These series of events will offer Interested investors direct access to pre-selected and fully trained startups from Jordan and the region. The entrepreneurs are eager to share their new ideas to receive investments at a very early stage in their entrepreneurial journey, with reasonable valuations and fair risk. Investors will also have the chance to network and syndicate with their peers, and can reach agreements to co-invest in order to meet the startups’ investment goals. They will also have a first row seat in witnessing the birth of promising startups and be part of their success as they invest cash and expertise to help take these startups to the next level.

Startappz is a regional digital transformation partner helping empowering telecom organizations, governments and banks to grow their businesses and offer rewarding customer experiences. Recently Startappz has launched an early-stage pre-seed incubator, named startlabz, that focuses on supporting tech-based entrepreneurial ideas in Jordan and the region. Every round, five local startups will pitch their ideas at the pitch event.