Specialized Technical Services (STS) held an “Embracing Digital Transformation” event in partnership with Microsoft, focusing on driving digital transformation within organizations to maximize a company’s potential.


During the opening address, General Manager of STS in Saudi Arabia, Kamal Masri said “Technology plays a role in almost everything we do, and organizations are adopting digital solutions to help improve the daily lives of users. According to research, Digital Transformation is the single most important topic on the agenda of CXO’s as challenges relating to Digital Transformation are not only focused on geopolitical challenges.


One of our core values at STS is that “Business is as good as its people”, and hence successful Digital Transformation is an effective collaboration amongst people, processes, and technology. Businesses are considering Digital Transformation from three angles: Enhancing operations, enhancing decision making / analytics, and innovation of products and services offered to customers.”


On the other hand, Mr. Masri emphasized on cyber-security being either the enabler or disabler for Digital Transformation while discussing how organizations should protect themselves from being vulnerable in order for them to reap the benefits provided form Digital Transformation.


Dallah Hospital IT Operations Manager, Omar W. Hindas said: “Businesses in Saudi Arabia can benefit from Digital Transformation by remaining ahead of the curve when it comes to the latest digital trends. It was beneficial to learn more about how companies can utilize their agility to implement and experiment with the latest advancements in a faster and more effective way”.


On his part, Al Faisaliah Group Holding JSC (C) Group CIO Suliman Khader claimed that “With millions of Internet users in the Arab world, we want companies to be at the forefront of digital innovation to provide users with the best possible experience. The event was a great forum to learn more about the latest Digital Transformation trends, best practices, and challenges. It also brought together a diverse group of businesses to collaborate and exchange insights”.