Specialized Technical Services (STS), the leading company in providing complete all-round Information Technology (IT) and Digital Transformation solutions in Jordan and the region, announced the implementation of an infrastructure expansion project for Jordan Kuwait Bank (JKB). In this project, STS deployed infrastructure integration solutions offered by Dell Technologies. The new project provided a new technology that is scalable, highly available and cost effective, while delivering on the fast data recovery essential for JKB’s banking operations: VxRail; a hyper-converged infrastructure appliance delivering an all-in-one IT transformation, including vast, scalable storage  capacities and advanced computing capabilities.

Aided by the continuous assistance of JKB’s team, STS offered this solution in cooperation with Dell Technologies while having in mind a comprehensive understanding of JKB’s goals and requirements. This step comes in alignment with the JKB’s firm commitment to fostering future smart solutions that ensure the enhancement of services provided to clients from all segments. The project will also enable JKB to adopt smart solutions on their digital transformation journey, especially since STS enjoys a proven record of excellence and first-hand experience in this field, in addition to having longstanding strategic partnerships with global industry leaders‏.

Maher Abu Saadeh, Head of Information Technology at Jordan Kuwait Bank, said: “The Bank is always open to new technologies when it comes to modernizing its technology footprint, and our decision to choose the solution provided by STS was based on our understanding of the benefits of adopting such new technologies and realizing its benefits of high-performance, thus saving cost, and our confidence in STS’s commitment to meeting the Bank’s needs and requirements; which makes them a key supporter of the Bank’s journey towards digitalization and the enhancement of our operations and customer service by offering high quality services”

In this regard, STS Jordan Sales Director, Zaid Al-Mazahreh, said: “Jordan Kuwait Bank has always been an early adopter of advanced digital solutions, which enabled us to implement this distinguished project in cooperation with our strategic partner, Dell Technologies. The project’s impact will be felt shortly by the JKB’s customers and employees.” He further added: “This project is a real manifestation of our strategic partnership. We worked together as a team to realize JKB’s digital transformation vision and implement the project in the best way possible.”

In this context, it is worthy to mention that STS has more than thirty years of experience in the IT sector. Over the years, the company has positioned itself as a leader of the industry and has ever since implemented several advanced quality projects in Jordan and the region. Being an agile company that continuously strives to develop and advance its team’s expertise and competencies, STS constantly seeks to accelerate the adoption of advanced solutions, such as cloud and data security protection solutions and business intelligence applications and aims at offering them to business partners operating various sectors.