TJDEED, a leading IT Solutions Provider, and ESET, a renowned cybersecurity company, came together to host a highly successful cybersecurity seminar at the Fairmont Hotel in Amman. The event, held on Tuesday 25 of July, saw a remarkable turnout of industry experts, specialists, and cybersecurity enthusiasts from diverse sectors.

The primary objective of the seminar was to enlighten the audience about the cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions and technologies offered by ESET, empowering companies to proactively combat the ever-evolving cyber threats. Attendees actively engaged in discussions centered around best data protection strategies and the latest trends and practices in business cybersecurity.

Abdullah Sreheen, the General Manager of TJDEED, expressed his delight at the seminar’s success, emphasizing, “At TJDEED, we deeply acknowledge the rapidly increasing significance of cybersecurity. Safeguarding our data, preserving privacy, and securing our systems have become vital imperatives that cannot be ignored. Cybersecurity is an integral part of our strategy and vision at TJDEED.”

He further added, “With a longstanding and continuous partnership with ESET, we are thrilled to host ESET in Amman, providing a platform to discuss their latest cybersecurity solutions with our esteemed customers and partners. Offering a secure environment for our customers’ data is paramount, and we remain committed to developing and delivering cutting-edge cybersecurity technologies and solutions across various sectors.”

Engineer Ibrahim Almasri, the Service Delivery Manager at TJDEED, expressed a fundamental truth in the cybersecurity landscape, remarking, “In today’s interconnected world, every system is vulnerable, and it is imperative to acknowledge that vulnerabilities will be exploited – No Exceptions. Understanding this critical concept led us to recognize ESET as the ultimate security solution for companies. With its extensive and diverse portfolio of services, ESET offers a comprehensive range of security solutions, including detection, response, Data Loss Prevention, among other essential services. This enables us to provide customized solutions that directly address our customers’ unique security challenges.”

Ali Juneidi, Regional Sales Manager at ESET, expressed his pleasure at the enthusiastic response received during the seminar and said, “We are immensely proud to be present in the vibrant city of Amman to discuss ESET’s top-of-the-line cybersecurity and data protection solutions. The overwhelming attendance of experts and specialists from diverse companies and sectors enriched the discussions and dialogues throughout the event.”

Juneidi continued, “During the seminar, we meticulously covered the comprehensive range of services offered by ESET, empowering companies and individuals alike to effectively combat potential security threats. These services include Data Loss Protection, Encryption, Endpoint Detection and Response, and more. ESET’s technical experts, Shibli Bashir, and Ahmed Abdulmajid conducted the engaging seminar sessions, sharing their expertise and insights.”

It is worth mentioning that TJDEED is the trusted distributor of ESET’s services in the region, providing continuous technical support. This seminar marks the first of many collaborative events between TJDEED and ESET, combining their expertise to strengthen cybersecurity awareness.

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