Work life balance

Promoting a positive work-life balance for workers is a top priority for Estarta! Our organization has put in place a number of efforts to enhance work-life balance since we understand how important employee well-being and productivity are.

Most Estartans work a hybrid work week. This goes to show that Estarta, as a whole, values productivity and employee satisfaction over traditional organizational standards.

Estarta also recognizes the advantages of working remotely. The organization helps decrease commute times and delivers a more cozy and pleasant work environment by allowing employees to work from home.

Estarta runs wellness initiatives like yoga sessions, therapy workshops, and stress-management seminars to promote a positive work environment. These programs seek to improve the physical and emotional health of workers.

Overall, Estarta’s attention to work-life balance is a reflection of its commitment to the fulfillment and happiness of its employees, which eventually results in a more motivated and effective workforce.