World Children’s Day at Estarta

On this World Children’s Day, Estarta hosted an educational day on its premises. Employees had the chance to bring their kids to enjoy a day of learning about technology! We encouraged everyone to bring the kids along, whether they have children, nieces, nephews, or siblings.


YouTube Safety Awareness Session

Estarta’s Cyber Security professionals hosted a YouTube safety awareness session for the kids. We also let their guardians attend in order to learn about how we can maintain best practices when it comes to YouTube safety for kids and adults, as well as internet safety!

Tech Discovery Scavenger Hunt

The YouTube Safety Session was followed by a scavenger hunt where our Professional Services and Solutions (PSS) team came through to explain all of the tech objects that the kids found.

Estarta Market

Last but not least, the kids got a chance to learn about business by selling snacks to our employees. At the end of the day everyone had fun and the kids went home with a smile on their face!