Orange Jordan celebrates graduation of First Batch of Coding Academy students


Orange Jordan celebrated the graduation of the first batch of Orange Coding Academy students on Wednesday, February 19 at the Cultural Palace in Amman.

The ceremony was attended by the Minister of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship, Eng. Mothanna Gharaibeh, Chief Commissioner of Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC), Dr. Ghazi Jbour, alongside Orange Jordan’s CEO, Thierry Marigny, the company’s executives and local companies’ representatives.

Speaking at the ceremony, Marigny congratulated the 46 graduates and wished that the 6 months of intensive training mark a fresh start in their professional lives.

The Academy’s students received training in coding languages and personal development courses, followed by a one-month internship in local ICT companies with the aim to enhance employability and decrease unemployment rates among youth in the Jordan.

The Coding Academy serves Orange Jordan’s belief in the “Training for Employment” concept, Marigny said in his keynote speech, noting that 70% of the academy’s students have got jobs before finishing their internships, marking a milestone in the journey of, both, Orange’s Coding Academy and its students.

The academy is the first of its kind in the Middle East that was established by Orange Group, in partnership with Simplon.Co, following the footsteps of Orange’s coding academies in Senegal and France, he stressed.

Marigny said that the academy will welcome the second batch of students soon, expecting strong competition between applicants who seek educational opportunity in this “distinguished” academy.

Orange Jordan’s CEO talked about the company’s efforts to carry out the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility strategy, which is stimulated by Orange Group’s strategic plan, noting that Orange Jordan is a global company with local spirit that  strives to empower Jordanians and help them benefit from the digital era’s tools.

The Academy was established to meet the job market’s increasing need of highly qualified programmers and to qualify jobseekers and help them ground job opportunities in a field that holds enormous potential and opportunities, Marigny added.

Rami Abu Al Samen, the Coding Academy’s Manager said that the graduation of qualified participants reflects Orange Jordan’s vital role in supporting youth as well as the economy, noting that the students who completed the training successfully are granted an accredited certificate, locally and internationally.

Abu Al Samen noted that this course has focused equally on developing the students’ professional and personal skills by providing them with training on coding languages and personal development courses.

The Coding Academy offers youth, whether holding a university degree or not, an opportunity to receive qualitative  training in coding languages, such as Java and Python which are highly demanded by international companies. The demand on software developers is expected to escalate in the local market in the next five years, offering up to 10,000 job opportunities.


STS Provides Sayegh Group with Managed Cloud and SOC Services


STS, the leading company in providing complete all-round Information Technology (IT) and Digital Transformation solutions in Jordan and the region, announces signing an agreement with Sayegh Group, the leading multinational conglomerate of companies and investments spreading across the Arab World, Eastern and Western Europe and Asia to provide Managed Cloud and Managed Security Services to their businesses across different regions.

This agreement grants Sayegh Group full visibility on cyber threats and potential cybercrimes before they occur reducing the risk of exposure through the STS secure, and flexible, Security Operations Center and threat intelligence platform STS SOC, in addition to including Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) to manage its virtual servers and information storage operations.

Accordingly, Sayegh group can increase the efficiency of its activities by decreasing operational costs to achieve higher ROI and Business Focus utilizing STS NOC monitoring, performance, and utilization optimization and management services for Sayegh Group’s infrastructure by a certified, trained and experienced team of experts that STS is equipped with.

Commenting on the strategic partnership between STS and Sayegh Group, Douglas Cleasby, Chief Information Officer of Sayegh Group said: “ The choice for STS Managed Security and Managed Cloud Services was made based on the STS unparalleled experience in the ICT and successful track-record in both Cloud and Cyber Security Managed Services in Jordan and the region”, he also added: “ STS has always been the right partner to obtain the latest and advanced technology solutions based on their commitment, innovation and excellence throughout the years”

From his side, Rami Hunaity, STS’ Business Development Manager said: “ The agreement with Sayegh Group extends our strategic partnership with the group and builds on our commitment to leverage our experience and provide the latest technologies to our partners and the markets we operate in especially in the areas of Cloud and Managed Security Solutions”

أس تي أس تزود مجموعة الصايغ بمنظومة خدمات البنى التحتية السحابية وخدمات أمن وحماية المعلومات المدارة



أعلنت شركة أس تي أس الرائدة في تقديم حلول تكنولوجيا المعلومات والحلول السحابية و حلول التحول الرقمي في الأردن والمنطقة، عن توقيع اتفاقية مع مجموعة الصايغ، الشركة التي تضم تحت مظلتها عدة شركات واستثمارات منتشرة في مناطق الشرق الأوسط وأوروبا وآسيا، لتزويدها بخدمات أمن و حماية المعلومات والحلول السحابية المدارة.

تتضمن الاتفاقية تزويد مجموعة الصايغ بخدمات أمن و حماية المعلومات والحلول السحابية المدارة من خلال مركز عمليات أمن المعلومات في شركة أس تي أس، بالاضافة الى تزوديها بمنظومة خدمات البنى التحتية السحابية لادارة الخوادم الافتراضية وعمليات تخزين المعلومات من خلال مركز ادارة عمليات الشبكات في شركة أس تي أس مما يتيح لمجموعة الصايغ التركيز على أعمالهم الأساسية وضمان تحقيق عائد أكبرعلى استثمارتهم التكنولوجية.

و تتيح هذه الاتفاقية لمجموعة الصايغ مراقبة التهديدات السيبرانية والجرائم الالكترونية المحتملة والتصدي لها قبل التعرض لها مما يقلل مخاطرها، اضافةً للاستفادة من خدمات المراقبة وادارة الموارد و تحسين الأداء للبنى التحتية لتكنولوجيا المعلومات على مدار الساعة.

و تعليقأ على الشراكة بين الشركتين فقد علق السيد دوغلاس كليسبي، المديرالتنفيذي لتكنولوجيا المعلومات في مجموعة الصايغ “تم اختيار حلول الخدمات السحابية و خدمات أمن وحماية المعلومات المدارة المقدمة من شركة أس تي أس بناءً على خبراتها العريضة وموقعها الرائد في قطاع تكنولوجيا المعلومات في الأردن و المنطقة”. واضاف “لطالما كانت شركة أس تي أس هي الشريك الأنسب لتبني حلول تكنولوجيا المعلومات المتقدمة لما تعرف به الشركة من التزام وابتكاروتميز “.و من جانبه علق السيد رامي الحنيطي، مدير قسم تطوير الأعمال في شركة أس تي أس “ان الاتفاقية الأخيرة مع مجموعة الصايغ ستعززمن عمق شراكتنا الاستراتيجية مع المجموعة كشريك تكنولوجيا معلومات و تحول رقمي موثوق، و تؤكد التزامنا بتزويد عملائنا  بأحدث الحلول التكنولوجية المتقدمة وأكثرها تطورً بما يتناسب و متطلباتهم، خاصةً في مجالات الحلول السحابية المتقدمة و خدمات الأمن السيبراني المدارة”.

National Bank of Yemen Announces Successful Go-Live of ICS BANKS Universal Banking Software from ICSFS


Aden, Yemen: National Bank of Yemen (NBY), one of the largest commercial banks and a prominent contributor to the economic and social development in Yemen; has gone live with ICS BANKS Universal Banking Software from ICS Financial Systems Limited (ICSFS), the global software and services provider for banks and financial institutions, to grow its operations domestically and internationally.

The National Bank of Yemen (NBY) provides banking services ranging from Retail to Trade Finance, Treasury and Project Finance to individuals, corporates, and governmental institutions. Over the past fifty years, NBY has spread its presence in remote areas as well as major cities and towns of Yemen. On Sunday 02nd February 2020, NBY announced the go-live and rollout of ICS BANKS Universal Banking Software from ICSFS.

Managing Director of National Bank of Yemen; Dr Ahmed Ali Ben Sanker said:

“I am privileged to announce on behalf of our bank’s entire team, the successful rollout of ICS BANKS banking software which was carried out within our bank’s development and modernisation project framework. ICS BANKS’ innovative and best-in-class technologies introduced – for the first time in NBY’s history – a major paradigm shift in our banking services. We have replaced our old legacy system with ICS BANKS comprehensive banking software solutions, which significantly saved time. We are astounded with the software’s integrated design and ease of data inclusion. It is without a doubt, ICS BANKS will allow us to provide excellent and distinguished banking services to our large customer segments.”

Robert Hazboun, Managing Director of ICSFS said;

“NBY possesses a strong banking and financial position in Yemen, the bank was looking for banking software that will support them in maximising their profitability, whilst cutting operational costs. Our ICS BANKS software offers real financial clarity, with maximum financial efficiency, scalable features to support NBY’s growth and lead them through a successful lifetime business. We greet our new customers with open arms to innovation, highest quality and professionalism standards and deliver real value to their customers. Our journey with NBY has just started, we are looking forward to being their technology and business partner, driving a powerful and fruitful joint success.”

ICSFS invests in its software suites by utilising modern technology in launching new products, constructing a secured and agile integration, and keeping pace with new standards and regulations worldwide. ICS BANKS software suites future-proof banking activities by providing a broad range of features and capabilities with more agility and flexibility, to enrich customers’ journey experience, hence improving the trust and confidentiality between the customer and the bank. ICS BANKS has always been a pioneer in utilising the latest technology to serve financial institutions. In addition to its embedded Service-Oriented-Architecture (SOA), the system can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud.

ICSFS’ Managing Director, Robert Hazboun, Acknowledged for his Business Leadership and Exceptional Vision by World Finance



World Finance,  the voice of the market magazine, awarded  ICS Financial Systems Limited (ICSFS)’ Managing Director; Robert Hazboun, in its World Finance Winter 2020 edition, as one of its World Finance 100 individuals and business in financial services that have outstanding enterprise and kept pushing their industries forward.

The individuals and organizations acknowledged by the World Finance 100 have been recognised for their ability to lead their respective industries even in unfavourable conditions.

The WF100 Awards now in its 11th year, celebrates those who have reached the pinnacle of achievement across a wide variety of fields of expertise, as well as those organisations and individuals that lead the way in driving their industries forward. Each year World Finance compiles the list of 100 individuals and companies – not according to capitalisation figures, but purely on excellence in their field. The list presents the new business elite, made up of those whose vision and enterprise shapes the conceptual landscape of finance, business and technology. The WF100 Research and Due-diligence Teams appraises the invaluable nominations, suggestions and contributions of WORLD FINANCE readership and media partners to unearth the best and the brightest pioneers in business today.

Investment Consultant & Awards Administrator at World Finance Magazine; Mustapha Belkouche, stated:

“Mr Robert Hazboun, Managing Director of ICS Financial Systems, has been admitted to the 2019 WF100 for business leadership and exceptional vision. He has demonstrated outstanding enterprise and entrepreneurial flair that created a stimulating and supportive work environment for his staff which resulted in a well-motivated, ambitious and integrated workforce. His corporate dexterity and detail-orientated client relations have delivered bespoke FinTech solutions and forged new global standards making a significant positive impact on investors and customers. Mr Robert Hazboun’s forward-thinking approach to the progress of banking & finance around the world has really pushed the envelope with both poise in continuous innovative strategy and commitment to client satisfaction.”

Managing Director of ICS Financial Systems; Robert Hazboun, commented;

“I am truly humbled and honoured to be acknowledged amongst the 2019 WF100. I would like to share this with ICSFS’ community; our employees and customers. This recognition would not have been possible without their collaboration, their support and encouragement that led us to our success today. ”

ICSFS invests in its software suites by utilising modern technology in launching new products, constructing a secured and agile integration, and keeping pace with new standards and regulations worldwide. ICS BANKS software suites future-proof banking activities by providing a broad range of features and capabilities with more agility and flexibility, to enrich customers’ journey experience, hence improving the trust and confidentiality between the customer and the bank. ICS BANKS has always been a pioneer in utilising the latest technology to serve financial institutions. In addition to its embedded Service-Oriented-Architecture (SOA), the system can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud.

سلطة منطقة العقبة الاقتصادية الخاصة تطلق الموقع الالكتروني الجديد بالتعاون مع ايكو تكنولوجي

قامت سلطة منطقة العقبة الاقتصادية الخاصة وبالتعاون مع شركة ايكو تكنولوجي بإنشاء تطبيق للهواتف الذكية يعمل كمركز خدمة متكامل للمواطنين و المستثمرين وأصحاب الاعمال .

تم تصميم التطبيق وتطويره وربطه مع قواعد بيانات حكومية متعددة بالإضافة الى منصة الدفع الالكتروني  EFAWATEERcom  ليوفر أكثر من 35 خدمة الكترونية تتم معالجتها من خلال Microsoft Dynamics CRM ، لتحقق السلطة بذلك التطبيق الحكومي الأعلى خدماتيا في المملكة الأردنية الهاشمية.

يوفر التطبيق تجربة رائعة للمستخدم ويجمع ويعالج البيانات والنتائج لتوفير خدمات الكترونية متكاملة من خلال تمثيل مرئي يعكس هوية السلطة.

للمزيد عن تطبيق السلطة للهواتف الذكية، انقر هنا لزيارة الرابط

Orange Jordan is the Exclusive Telecom Sponsor of King Abdullah II Excellence Award Ceremony

Orange Jordan signed a strategic agreement with King Abdullah II Center for Excellence (KACE), under which the telecom operator will sponsor the honoring ceremony of the winners of King Abdullah II Award for Excellence.

The signing ceremony which was held at the company’s headquarters and attended by representatives of local media institutions was signed by Orange Jordan’s CEO, Thierry Marigny, and KACE’s Executive Director, Dr. Ibrahim Rawabdeh.

By the agreement, the company will be the exclusive telecom sponsor of the ceremony, which will be held under the patronage of His Majesty King Abdullah II, for the second time in a row.

In 2018, His Majesty King Abdullah II honored Orange Jordan for its efforts in supporting excellence as the award’s strategic partner and golden sponsor.

During the signing ceremony, Marigny said that the company will sponsor the ceremony that celebrates excellence and innovation and offers the highest national level of recognition for excelling public, private and non-governmental institutions, adding that this agreement crowns Orange Jordan and the KACE’s strong relationship.

“We are proud to sponsor the ceremony which celebrates the values that has shaped Orange Jordan’s journey in telecommunications sector. We cherish these values by relying on outstanding employees and assuring high quality in all what we offer to our customers,” he said.

Marigny stressed that the company’s commitment to support excellence stems from its role as the digital partner of the Kingdom and the provider of the strongest internet. The company practices excellence by offering its customers and partners the best digital tools, supporting creativity, building sustainable future and practicing agile management.

The company’s efforts to maintain the highest levels of excellence were crowned  in 2019 by obtaining several awards such as: the “Top Employer” award for the fourth consecutive year from the Top Employers Institute, Recognized for Excellence Certificate from KACE, the representative of the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM), several ISO certificates for effective environmental management system and Occupational Health and Safety Management systems, in addition to Tier III Constructed Facility Certificate from Uptime Institute which is specialized in studying and evaluating global data centers.

Dr. Ibrahim Rawabdeh, KACE’s Executive Director, said: “We are pleased to partner with Orange Jordan for the second time in a row. We are partnering with Orange Jordan because it is a leading telecom operator in the Kingdom that shares the center’s goals and work principles of excellence in performance and high-quality operations. The center is the main catalyst for a more competitive environment in Jordan.”

The award is granted to outstanding institutions that compete on three categories: King Abdullah II Award for Excellence in Government Performance and Transparency, King Abdullah II Award for Excellence for the Private Sector, and King Abdullah II Award for Excellence for Business Associations and non-profit organizations.

Orange Money Signs Agreement with Jordan Post to Promote E-payment Services

Petra Company for mobile payment services, Orange Money, signed a strategic partnership agreement with the Jordan Post, with the aim to promote usage of e-payment services via Orange Money’s e-Wallet.

The agreement which was signed by Raslan Deiranieh, the Chairman of Orange Money and Dr. Khaled lahham, the Director General of the Jordan Post, in the presence of Orange Money’s General Manager, Eng. Hiba Al Sharif.

Deiranieh said that this agreement is one of several strategic partnerships that Orange Money has conducted with a number of private and public institutions to ease the financial operations processed via the e-wallet,  noting that by this agreement the users of Orange Money’s wallet will be able to withdraw and deposit cash via Jordan Post’s offices across the Kingdom.

Deiranieh pointed out the agreement’s significance in enhancing the growth and development of e-payment sector in the Kingdom, which will, in return, serve the Central Bank’s mission to raise financial inclusion rate in Jordan.

He said that this collaboration is a qualitative leap in terms of expanding Orange Money services, since it will enable the company to offer specialized services to serve the needs of the local market, noting that these services are in line with international standards of financial services.

Deiranieh noted that Orange Jordan and the Jordan post are keen to develop and expand the services that save customers’ time and effort, stressing that  Orange Money utilizes the latest technologies that enable users to perform fast and secure e-payment services and financial procedures such as paying bills and transferring money via an automated e-wallets system.

Lahham, Jordan post’s Director General, said that this agreement falls under the company’s 2017-2019 strategy, which focuses on changing the business model by renovating traditional postal services. He also noted that introducing advanced financial services won’t only serve the strategic goals of the Jordan Post but will also enhance financial inclusion rates across the Kingdom by providing electronic financial services that will enable people, especially in underprivileged areas, to transfer money and pay bills.

He also noted that offering handy financial services that are processed via the e-wallet such as: cash collection, instant money transfer, paying bills through the Jordan Post offices, POS devices and soon via ATM machines, is considered an added value to the services offered by the post and contributes to the development of the financial technology services sector (Fintech).

Al Sharif stressed that the company’s keenness to indulge in new partnerships that will benefit costumers goes in line with Orange Group’s strategy for the Middle East and Africa to automate payment services by launching easy to use and secure e-Wallets and issuing the VISA cards that can be used locally and internationally.

She added that offering these services, also, goes in line with the company’s mission to support  digital transformation and financial inclusion across the Kingdom,  help and impact different economic sectors positively and promote sustainable and inclusive development.

Orange Jordan officially launched Orange Money service this month, after acquiring the e-payment license from the Central Bank and fulfilling all official requirements stipulated in Jordanian legislature.



The Housing Bank for Trade & Finance – Bahrain to Complete 2-weeks Assessment and Training Sessions on ICS BANKS’ latest features

ICSFS conducted a two-week intensive assessment and training sessions that were held at the Housing Bank for Trade and Finance (HBTF) in Manama, Bahrain.

The assessment and training attendees were from HBTF senior executives, where the program covered the latest features of ICS BANKS Core Banking including front and back office branch operations services, Remittances, Credit Facility & Risk Management, Trade Finance, latest Lending products and features, Internal Audit and Control reporting, and part of ICS BANKS Digital Banking products.

The Housing Bank for Trade & Finance management was very impressed with ICS BANKS’ innovative products and features that will nurture their own products and services. HBTF – Bahrain is currently doing UAT for new lending products to be implemented end of January 2020.

The Housing Bank for Trade & Finance is one of the dominant banks in Jordan, and have established its offshore Bahrain branch in 2003.


SunTrust Bank Nigeria to Revamp its Partnership with ICSFS

Amman, Jordan: SunTrust Bank Nigeria, a privately held commercial bank in Nigeria, has recently conducted an executive incentivised meeting with ICS Financial Systems Limited (ICSFS), the global software and services provider for banks and financial institutions, to revamp its partnership and roadmap.

The meeting was held at ICSFS’ Jordan Center of Excellence, where the new executive management team of SunTrust discussed its historically strong partner relations with ICSFS, the adoption of new products and the latest features of ICS BANKS, and conferred its roadmap and future growth.

SunTrust Bank Nigeria is poised to create value for its customers by leveraging on its competencies and a team of highly motivated staff, the bank work tirelessly to develop and provide a broad range of unique financial services and products to consumers, small business, corporations, governments, and institutions with that will positively impact their business.  The meeting joint ICSFS’ executive management and SunTrust’s executives; Chief Executive Officer; Ayo Babatunde, Head of Internal Control; Innocent Mbagwu, Head of Information Technology; Chiso Onyeso and SunTrust’s Systems Control; Olushola Seidu.