Advanced Business Solutions welcomes their new client ETA-MAX ENERGY

Advanced Business Solutions just welcomed a new client to the family! ETA-max Energy & Environmental Solutions is a regional leader in Solar Photovoltaic Systems, providing reliable and environmentally friendly power to small residential accommodations as well as commercial, educational and industrial facilities. With exceptional engineering capabilities and unparalleled technical experience, ETA-max proves to maintain a successful track record with clients in Jordan, UAE, KSA and more.

Thanks to our deep solar industry experience, ETA-max, alongside Hanania Energy and Philadelphia Solar, can easily improve productivity and stay competitive in the market. Implementing SAP Business One will help streamline business processes by combining data from a variety of sources into one, integrated platform – later resulting in reduced costs and risks.

To learn more about ETA-max, go to  We look forward to this journey together!

أنيس التل رئيساً تنفيذياً تجارياً لشركة الخدمات الفنية للكمبيوتر إس تي إس

أعلنت شركة الخدمات الفنية للكمبيوتر إس تي إس (STS)، الشركة الرائدة في تقديم حلول تكنولوجيا المعلومات في الأردن والمنطقة، عن انضمام أنيس التل في منصب الرئيس التنفيذي التجاري (CCO). وسيكون التل أول من يشغل هذا المنصب المستحدث في الشركة، حيث ينضم إلى فريق العمل متمتعاً بخبرة تناهز 25 عاماً من العمل في مجال تكنولوجيا المعلومات والاتصالات، تتمحور حول تطوير الأعمال ومبيعات الحلول والخدمات السحابية، بالإضافة إلى الخدمات المُدارة والحلول المتكاملة.

وانطلاقاً من استراتيجية التحول الرقمي الجديدة التي تتبناها إس تي إس (STS)، يأتي قرار استحداث منصب الرئيس التنفيذي التجاري بهدف التطوير والتوسع في مجالات الحلول السحابية والخدمات المدارة، والتركيز على حلول خدمات البنى التحتية، والتي شكّلت على مر السنين أهم الخدمات المقدمة.

وكان التل قبل انضمامه إلى عائلة إس تي إس (STS)، قد شغل عدداً من المناصب القيادية، بما في ذلك دوره كمدير إقليمي لشركة آي دي سي (IDC)، حيث كان مسؤولاً عن منطقة الشرق الأوسط وأفريقيا وتركيا (META)، كما شغل منصب الرئيس التنفيذي التجاري لشركة إي هوستينغ داتا فورت (eHosting DataFort). وقد عمل أيضاً مع العديد من الشركات العالمية الرائدة، بما في ذلك سيسكو سيستمز (Cisco Systems)، وديل إي أم سي (Dell EMC)، وأكواتيف (Acuative)، المعروفة سابقاً باسم ثرو بوينت (ThruPoint)، إلى جانب شركة الشرق الأوسط لأنظمة المعلومات (Mideast Data Systems).

وبهذه المناسبة، أكد أيمن مزاهرة، الشريك المؤسس والرئيس التنفيذي لشركة إس تي إس (STS)، أن انضمام التل إلى الشركة يمثل خطوة في الاتجاه الصحيح، معرباً عن تطلع فريق عمل الشركة إلى العمل معه بغية تحقيق أهداف ورؤية إس تي إس (STS) المستقبلية.

من جانبه، أكد التل اعتزازه بهذه الخطوة قائلاً: “إنه لشرف عظيم لي أن أنضم إلى عائلة إس تي إس (STS) التي كانت وما تزال إحدى أكثر الشركات تقدماً في مجال تكنولوجيا المعلومات والاتصالات في المنطقة ككل، وأنا أتطلع بانضمامي إلى فريق العمل إلى ترجمة رؤية إس تي إس (STS) على أرض الواقع لنقدم الممارسات المثلى لمساعدة الشركات والمؤسسات على التطور المستمر”.

ICSFS Completes a Successful Block chain Proof of Concept (PoC) with Arab Jordan Investment Bank- AJIB

ICS Financial Systems Limited (ICSFS), the global software and services provider for banks and financial institutions, has successfully completed the implementation of blockchain proof of concept (PoC), which was conducted at  Arab Jordan Investment Bank (AJIB), one of Jordan’s leading investment and commercial banks, through ICS BANKS® Blockchain Adapter between Amman Head Office and Cyprus Branch (Limassol).

Chairman of Arab Jordan Investment Bank; Hani Al-Qadi said,

“The success of this PoC is the beginning of a new journey for AJIB, and we are looking forward to be using this transformative technology, after being regulated in different banking solutions to continue fulfilling our customers’ evolving financial needs.”

Managing Director of ICSFS; Mr. Robert Hazboun said,

“The initiative of this successful milestone is one of the first blockchain PoC executed in this region, delivering an enterprise-grade blockchain platform with industry leading resiliency, scalability and security.” Mr. Hazboun continued “Through this collaboration, Arab Jordan Investment Bank can now practice fund transfers between its subsidiaries or bank-to-bank securely, faster, cheaper and instant (real-time) through all its digital banking platform 24/7.”

Deputy General Manager, Information Technology and Security at AJIB; Mr. Ayman Qadoumi commented on this experience,

“Arab Jordan Investment Bank is one of the early adapters of the Blockchain technology. By implementing the blockchain proofs of concept (PoC) that was conducted at our test environment through ICS BANKS Blockchain Adapter, between Amman Head Office and Cyprus Branch (Limassol), we have proven our commitment to provide our customers with the latest technologies to proactively deliver the smartest products and services.”

Executive Director of ICSFS; Mr. Wael Malkawi stated,

“This project would have not been executed without Arab Jordan Investment Bank’s full support and extensive collaboration, Arab Jordan Investment Bank will now be able to enhance their customer centricity by reducing cost of fund transfers, secure their private information and promptly address their requirements.”

ICS BANKS® Blockchain Adapter users will benefit from such a platform to overcome the challenges that it faces in terms of security, delays, faster automated transactions and the exclusion of third parties. ICS BANKS® Blockchain Adapter is integrated with Oracle Autonomous Blockchain Service running on hyper ledger Fabric platform, ICS BANKS® Core Banking System and ICS BANKS® Digital banking platform.

Orange Jordan inaugurates Mafraq Knowledge Station


His Excellency the Minister of ICT and Information Technology, Engineer Muthanna Al Gharaibeh and CEO of Orange Jordan, Thierry Marigny inaugurated Mafraq Knowledge Station yesterday, which falls under the Orange Digital Umbrella. The inauguration took place in the presence of Mafraq Governor, Hassan Al Qiam, partners of the project, in addition to the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology, National Center for Information Technology and The Jordanian Hashemite Fund for Human Development (JOHUD).

On this occasion, Engineer Al Gharaibeh said that the launching of knowledge stations stemmed from His Majesty’s vision to transform the Kingdom’s economy into a knowledge based and digital economy and offering services to reach all citizens across governorates. The Ministry is currently working in partnership with the private sector companies to find innovative and entrepreneurial ways as well as new dimensions to benefit from knowledge stations, to serve the local community and B2B business incubators and realize development for the residents of the governorates.

He praised Orange Jordan for supporting and adopting different governmental initiatives which aim to spread technological awareness in general and its continuous efforts to support numerous knowledge stations.

From his side Mr.  Marigny said that Orange Jordan through its active contribution in the digital transformation process in the Kingdom, launched the Orange Digital Centers umbrella previously, which comprises different cities across governorates, affirming that the company, through its digital umbrella will provide the stations with integrated telecom solutions, where the number of beneficiaries is expected to reach thousands, and refugees will be included in the training in cooperation with United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

He added that the Mafraq Knowledge Station was launched along with other stations in the Kingdom’s governorates, under the umbrella of Orange Digital Centers, in cooperation with Orange Jordan’s partners in this important project, stressing that this project stems from the company’s commitment to achieving His Majesty King Abdullah II’s vision to build and empower the community in terms of knowledge, the thing which falls in line with the company’s five-year corporate strategy, “Essentials 2020” which prioritizes bridging the digital divide and maximizing the benefits from the internet across the Kingdom.

The opening ceremony also comprised a tour of Orange Digital Station, which was renovated to become a suitable training venue similar to other knowledge stations that are located in other governorates, in which the training needs of the beneficiaries and methods of gaining from these knowledge stations have been identified

The tour also included a visit to the Jordanian-German Center for Excellence in Solar Energy, which was established through a grant from Orange Jordan and worth half a million JD, falling under its special solar energy project in the Mafraq Development Area. The center works to train and rehabilitate Jordanian youth in the field of solar and renewable energy.

Al Gharaibeh praised the efforts exerted by the center in adopting the capabilities of the youth and them on solar energy in terms of design, implementation and maintenance of photovoltaic power to ensure the provision of entrepreneurial opportunities for Jordanian youth and contribution in making Jordan a center for exporting services.

Marigny stressed on the importance of the Jordanian-German Center for Excellence in Solar Energy, which aims to exploit the potential of Jordanian youth, providing them with the necessary skills to enter the labor market, which will contribute to reducing the unemployment rate and increase youth participation in the development process.

Lemon Pharmacy Group launches its new website in corporation with Echo Technology

Lemon pharmacy group launched its internet website in corporation with Echo Technology following the latest Microsoft technologies under the domain  , that provide all needed information by visitors such as the branches, and its locations via Google maps platform, medical articles, and frequent asked questions.

Altibbi collaborates with Ability Contact Center to provide 24/7 online support 


Altibbi is collaborating with Egypt’s Ability Contact Center to provide 24/7 online support to its website visitors. Ability will help visitors make the best of Altibbi services and educate them about the popular Call-a-Doctor service.

Ability Contact Center is a leading provider of outsourced customer experience management services and the first contact center in the Middle East to provide job opportunities for people with disability (PWD).

للعام الثالث على التوالي اس تي اس الأردنية تحصد جائزة افضل شريك أعمال لشركة مايكروسوفت العالمية لعام 2018

حصدت شركة “اس تي اس” STS، الشركة الرائدة في تقديم حلول نظم و تكنولوجيا المعلومات والاتصالات المتكاملة في الأردن والمنطقة، على جائزة شركة “مايكروسوفت” Microsoft العالمية لأفضل شريك اعمال في الأردن لعام 2018 للسنة الثالثة على التوالي عقب فوزها بجائزة أفضل شريك أعمال لسنتي 2016 و 2017، وذلك ضمن مجموعة شركاء مايكروسوفت على مستوى العالم الذين اثبتوا أعلى درجات التميز والابتكار في تطبيق حلول مايكروسوفت لدى عملائهم في مختلف دول العالم، فضلاً عن تقديم الدعم الفني اللازم للعملاء من مختلف القطاعات.

ومن جانبها علقت نائب الرئيس للشركات في شركة “مايكروسوفت” Microsoft قابرييلا شستر على فوز شركة “اس تي اس” STS بالجائزة للسنة الثالثة على التوالي خلال مؤتمر شركاء “مايكروسوفت” Microsoft العالمي، قائلة: ” نحن فخورون جداً بنجاح شركة “اس تي اس” STS بالفوز بهذه الجائزة الرفيعة كونها تعد مثالاً للتميز والخبرة في قطاع تكنولوجيا المعلومات المتقدمة، لا سيما كون فريق الشركة تمكن من تطبيق أحدث الابتكارات والحلول التقنية المقدمة من شركة “مايكروسوفت” Microsoft وطرحها في السوق الأردني باحترافية شديدة، اضافةً لما تقوم به من تمثيل مميز لشركتنا في الأردن والمنطقة”.

هذا وقد وتم الاعلان عن جوائز مسابقة شركة “مايكروسوفت” Microsoft العالمية لشركاء الأعمال للعديد من الفئات خلال المؤتمر ، حيث أن اختيار الفائزين بني على تقييم مجموعة من أكثر من 2600 شريك أعمال من 115 بلدا حول العالم، كما أكدت شستر خلال المؤتمر أن منح الجائزة للسنة الثالثة على التوالي لشركة “اس تي اس”STS هو انجاز غير مسبوق جاء بعد تقييم شامل لنتائج الشركة الممتازة التي حققتها في الأردن عبر نجاحها بتصميم و طرح حزم خدمات مدارة باسم “Rapidus” المبنية على الحلول المبتكرة من  “مايكروسوفت” Microsoft  و خبرات فريق “اس تي اس” STS” بما يتماشى و متطلبات الشركات و المؤسسات من مختلف القطاعات حيث تمكنت خلالها من تحقيق أعلى درجات الرضى لعملائها الحاليين وفوزها بثقتهم”. هذا و قد استلمت مديرة حلول مايكروسوفت و أكاديمة التدريب في شركة “اس تي اس” STS ديما حزين الجائزة بالنيابة عن الشركة خلال الحفل المقام على هامش المؤتمر في لاس فيغاس.

و بهذه المناسبة علق مديرقسم منتجات وحلول مايكروسوفت في شركة “اس تي اس” STS هيثم عليان قائلا: “تفتخر شركتنا بأن شركة “مايكروسوفت” Microsoft ترى فينا الشريك المثالي لهم في الأردن، حيث أننا نجحنا على مدى ثلاثة عقود في أن نكون خياراً موثوقاً للشركاء والعملاء على حد سواء . و اضاف ان فوزنا بهذه الجائزة للسنة الثالثة على التوالي يعد مؤشرًا حقيقيًا على قوة فريق عمل شركتنا وحرصه الدائم على تقديم أعلى درجات القيمة المضافة، و الابتكار متمثلا بحزم “Rapidus” المدارةالتي صممت لاثراء اعمال عملائنا من مختلف القطاعات.”

وأضاف: “يؤكد حصولنا على هذه الجائزة على مكانتنا كشركة إقليمية رائدة، الأمر الذي تمكنا من تحقيقه من خلال حرصنا على استمرارية الابتكار و تبني أعلى معايير الاحترافية والجودة في تصميم وتنفيذ الحلول المتقدمة والموثوقة، اضافةً الى التزامنا الدائم بتلبية احتياجات عملائنا المختلفة على أكمل وجه”.

Orange Jordan announces its strategic partnership with the MENA ICT Forum 2018


Orange Jordan recently announced its strategic partnership with The Middle East and North Africa Information and Communications Technology Forum (MENA ICT) 2018, that will be held under the patronage of His Majesty King Abdullah II. The two-day forum will take place on September 10 and 11, and organized by The Information and Communications Technology Association of Jordan (int@j) and the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology (MoICT), with the aim of developing the telecommunications sector in the Kingdom.

This partnership was announced at a press conference organized by int@j, at the King Hussein Business Park, in the presence of ICT Minister, H.E. Muthana Gharaibeh, Minister of State for Investment Affairs and President of the Investment Commission, H.E. Muhannad Shehadeh, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Dr. Bashar Hawamdeh, CEO of int@j, Nidal Bitar, Deputy CEO of Orange Jordan/Chief Financial Officer, Raslan Deiranieh, strategic partners and media representatives.

Deiranieh expressed his pride in Orange Jordan’s participation and sponsorship of MENA ICT 2018, under the theme of “The New IT: Innovative Technology”, and added that this theme falls in line with Orange Jordan as a leading international company with a local spirit, that contributes to the group’s vision, through supporting digital transformation, and this support is considered one of the top priorities of Orange Jordan’s five years corporate strategy “Essentials2020”.


He clarified that the topics of the forum workshops for the current year focus on innovative technologies and applications which play a critical role in reshaping our world, as these advancements will continue to impact our daily lives, leading to a radical change on business models and the economy, and there will be major challenges to reinvent our business, to meet new requirements and realities, but at the same time, it will open up new horizons to work and facilitate our daily lives.

He stressed that the company is always committed to bringing a fundamental and integrated change in its operations, services and business models, to match the evolving interests and desires of people, clarifying that the company is constantly seeking to introduce and offer users advanced technologies and digitization, making it accessible to everyone.

Deiranieh added that the company has invested hundreds of millions of JD in its various networks over the years, focusing on New Generation Networks, solidifying its position as a leader in providing internet at the highest speeds, and meeting the needs of individuals and institutions through providing a variety of technological services to its subscribers, acknowledging that the world is heading towards the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, and artificial intelligence (AI).

The topics of this year’s forum cover innovative technologies, which are taking center-stage in reshaping the work, such as self-driving vehicles, smart cities, facial recognition technology and smart applications. All of which will have a significant impact on daily life and lead to a radical change in the national economy in the long-term.

The Agricultural Bank of Sudan is now operating on ICS BANKS ISLAMIC from ICS Financial Systems

 The Agricultural Bank of Sudan, the first national Sudanese bank and is wholly owned by the Government, has gone live on  ICS BANKS ISLAMIC from ICS Financial Systems Limited (ICSFS), the global software and services provider for banks and financial institutions.

“With almost 60 years servicing Sudan’s agricultural and banking sector, through our presence and spread in all regions, we are committed to deliver exceptional and bespoke products and services to our customers. To increase our business agility and efficiency, we have replaced our banking legacy system with a modern and rich banking software solutions by ICS BANKS ISLAMIC from ICSFS.” Stated the General Manager of Agricultural Bank of Sudan; Mr. Salah Al Din Hasan Ahmad. “With the comprehensive and advanced banking and financial technologies provided by ICSFS, we are geared up for leveraging ICS BANKS ISLAMIC software solutions to power our continuous growth and achieve our future plans.”

Managing Director of ICSFS; Mr. Robert Hazboun said,

“The move to ICS BANKS ISLAMIC will provide The Agricultural Bank of Sudan a complete integrated end-to-end and comprehensive suite of Islamic Banking application, making it more agile in adapting to future banking digital technologies. ICS BANKS ISLAMIC has shown an incredible increase of demand, as our customers are enjoying scalable, sophisticated and extensive flexible products and services that are built on modern technologies while addressing and fulfilling customers’ requirements. We are confident that The Agricultural Bank of Sudan will benefit from ICS BANKS ISLAMIC’s rich features and functionalities and open architecture, where it will enable the bank to drive extensive operations and procedures with minimal cost and risk.”

ICS BANKS ISLAMIC is compliant with international standards such as Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions (AAOIFI). ICSFS has a vast pool of well qualified, certified Islamic bankers, certified Islamic specialists in accounting (CISA) and experienced resources with a wide technology and banking expertise, proven development and analysis methodology, high research and development expertise that meets the Islamic industry standards.

شركة مصفاة البترول الاردنية تطلق الموقع الالكتروني الجديد بالتعاون مع ايكو تكنولوجي

سعيا للاستمرار في المساهمة لتقديم خدمات افضل للعملاء والشركاء، قامت شركة مصفاة البترول الأردنية بترجمة رؤيتها من خلال موقع الكتروني جديد تحت النطاق

الموقع الجديد مصمم من قبل ايكو تكنولوجي ضمن احدث تقنيات Microsoft  والمعايير العالمية والتكنولوجيا المتطورة لتوفير بوابة الكترونية شاملة لكافة المعلومات الخاصة بالشركة، الخدمات، المنتجات، المساهمون، و الاخبار بالإضافة الى إمكانية متابعة الزائر لأسعار المشتقات الحالية والتاريخية من خلال جزء خاص على الصفحة الرئيسية لتوفير تجربة تصفح أيسر وأبسط.

تهدف تصاميم وتخطيطات ايكو تكنولوجي المتطورة لمراعاة مبادئ الأرشفة في محركات البحث والتكييف بفعالية مع جميع أنواع الأجهزة بمختلف درجات دقة الشاشة.

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